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“In Vivo Patent Law is an integral part of our team at TriboFilm Research, Inc.  We are a technology development company that specializes in medical device lubricants with an extensive patent portfolio.  We engage partners in big pharma, as well as conduct internal R&D.  As a technology-based company, Julia’s expertise in patents, licensing, patent portfolio management, and global strategies is invaluable.  She can do a deep-dive on technology and deliver solutions to complex legal issues.  She’s a strategic thinker.  On top of that, Julia is always responsive, and cost-conscious, and provides excellent service.” ~ Vinay Sakhrani, Vice-President of Technology, TriboFilm Research, Inc.

“BioFluidica, Inc. is a biotechnology company with a clinically proven liquid biopsy diagnostic platform.  As we advance and commercialize our technology, we continue to partner with Julia as our trusted patent counsel. Over the years, Julia has helped BioFluidica secure key patents, negotiate licenses, and reduce and spread costs.  She is highly organized, stays on top of the patent portfolio, is very responsive as needs arise, and never misses a deadline.  We can count on her because she wears the “in-house” hat and serves our company with its best interest in mind.” ~ Rolf Muller, CEO, BioFluidica, Inc.

“In Vivo Patent Law understands how to work with the university.  We have a limited budget, and our technology is often early-stage.  Julia has proven herself as reliable patent counsel by engaging our inventors, drafting solid patent applications, obtaining favorable written opinions at the international stage, and then early allowance before the patent office.  She brings value to the table by avoiding protracted prosecution and keeping costs low, which in turn makes our intellectual property assets that more attractive to potential licensees.” ~ Michael Marshall, Senior Licensing Associate, University of North Carolina at Greensboro   

In Vivo Patent Law

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